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    • Let us all pray fervently and wholeheartedly and unceasingly!
      Pray for peace in Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, and Ukraine!
    • July 27-- 7th Sunday after Pentecost--The Holy Great Martyr Panteleimon
    • Liturgy Schedule

      Sunday Liturgy

      Ruthenian 10:00 AM
      Melkite 12:00 PM
      Holy Days   7:00 PM

      9:00 AM Sundays or on request

      of St. John Chrysostom Church

      Is a parish prayer ministry under the patronage of
      St. Nicholas the Wonder-worker. 
      Request prayer by phone or email.
      To be a part of the ministry and/or request prayer, please contact:
      Susan Parada
      Group Coordinator
      Phone: 281.359.1035
      E-mail: prayers@stjohnchrysostom.com
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