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      On Sept. 1 begins the Liturgical year and as we begin a new year, we are ever aware 
      of the many things we should pray and fast for. As a part of our prayer, we will have 
      the honor of taking the Icon of the Mother of God of Bethlehem to our homes (for a 
      week) as a special way of praying. This icon was made and brought from the Holy 
      Land almost 4 years ago. It had traveled all over the Holy Land an d it was blessed 
      by being touched to the holiest places and shrines in Christendom. There will be a sign 
      up sheet to host this icon in your homes and I encourage you to do so as a way of 
      praying to God that he may grant us his peace. The icon is currently enshrined on the 
      Tetrapod. I
    • Special Prayer Intentions
      -The Christians of Mosul, Iraq and the Christians facing persecution and death under the Islamic 
      State of Syria and Iraq (ISIS).
      -The child refugees leaving their homes to come to the United States facing kidnapping, extortion, 
      slavery and death as they journey towards an uncertain future in the United States.
      -The civilian victims, especially the children, of the conflict in the Holy Land and in Gaza, caught 
      between the bombs of Israel and the missiles of Hamas.
      -The civilian victims of the nationalistic violence in Ukraine, between Christian Ukrainian forces 
      and Christian Russian separatists, especially the passengers of the downed Malaysia Airlines flight 
      MH 17.
      -The victims of Islamist violence in Africa and the kidnapped Christian girls of Nigeria, taken by 
      Boku Haram Islamist militants, for their families and those who are under threat of other terrorist 
      actions by Boku Haram.
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    • Let us all pray fervently and wholeheartedly and unceasingly!
      Pray for peace in Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, and Ukraine!
    • August 31- 12th Sunday after Pentecost and Deposition of the Venerable Belt of the Most Holy Mother of God
    • Liturgy Schedule

      Sunday Liturgy

      Ruthenian 10:00 AM
      Melkite 12:00 PM
      Holy Days   7:00 PM

      9:00 AM Sundays or on request

      of St. John Chrysostom Church

      Is a parish prayer ministry under the patronage of
      St. Nicholas the Wonder-worker. 
      Request prayer by phone or email.
      To be a part of the ministry and/or request prayer, please contact:
      Susan Parada
      Group Coordinator
      Phone: 281.359.1035
      E-mail: prayers@stjohnchrysostom.com
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