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    • Dormition Fast For Peace At-Home and Abroad
      Dormition Fast For Peace
      August 1-17, 2014
      “Through the prayers of the Theotokos, O Savior save us!”

      We are in the midst of unprecedented violence, racism, hatred and intolerance. As we prepare for the feast of the Dormition of the Theotokos we are given the opportunity to fast and pray for ‘peace in the world’. Let us bring before the Theotokos our prayers and fasting that God may ransom his children and preserve them in safety through the prayers of the Mother of God.

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    • Let us all pray fervently and wholeheartedly and unceasingly!
      Pray for peace in Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, and Ukraine!
    • Aug 3--8th Sunday after Pentecost, The Holy Salome the Myrrh-Bearer
    • Liturgy Schedule

      Sunday Liturgy

      Ruthenian 10:00 AM
      Melkite 12:00 PM
      Holy Days   7:00 PM

      9:00 AM Sundays or on request

      of St. John Chrysostom Church

      Is a parish prayer ministry under the patronage of
      St. Nicholas the Wonder-worker. 
      Request prayer by phone or email.
      To be a part of the ministry and/or request prayer, please contact:
      Susan Parada
      Group Coordinator
      Phone: 281.359.1035
      E-mail: prayers@stjohnchrysostom.com
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